Angel Wings Foundation
Faith Flight Project

God is our source and He continues to provide through His people. Eleven years ago God gave us the vision of creating a way to touch young lives by flying camps. Through these years God has transformed the lives of many young people through this wonderful ministry.

An experience that makes a difference

The flying camps organized by the Angel Wings Foundation has provided hundreds of young people the opportunity to learn about flying, to play team games, to relax and to experience the thrill of flying for the first time. But the most important experience with Angel Wings is the opportunity for the young people to see reality from God's perspective, by exposing them to Biblical truths.
In their own words:

"It helped a lot as I was, during this time, searching for spiritual truths." (Claudia)
"It was a step toward God." (Florin)
"I decided to follow God and trust Him in every circumstance." (Ciprian)
"I found the answer to a lot of questions and it opened my heart." (Peter)
"I felt that a special relationship has been established between me and God." (Vali)

A matter of faith and action

Since Angel Wings was formed we have dared to pray and trust the Lord that God would bless this ministry. We have experienced eleven years of His blessings and are therefore stepping out in faith trusting that God will continue to provide through His people as He has in the past. This is an exciting time for us as we don't have the resources, but we serve an unlimited God. PTL! This is why we decided to share with you this FAITH FLIGHT PROJECT, a project that will lift the Angle Wings Foundation to a new level of ministry.

What is the FAITH FLIGHT PROJECT? Briefly, it involves purchasing a place to meet the legal and practical demands of the ministry - a place where we could welcome young people to experience flight and to spiritually equip them for the adventure of life. In a priority order we divided the FAITH FLIGHT PROJECT into three phases.

1. Acquiring land

After years of searching, we have found land that suits us perfectly, meeting both physical and legal requirements. It is there, but it is not ours, however we believe that it could be ours. An estimate cost of the land is 79,000 EURO ($108,204.00). Please pray that God will provide the resources to purchase the land!


Of course we need approvals, which in Romania is sometimes an adventure in its own. So before we fly, we need to fight for the approvals, knowing that this project is unique in Romania and as far as we know in Eastern Europe. Please pray that God will give us the "green light" in getting the approvals.


Our humble airplanes need a "safe house", not because they are very expensive but because they are very precious to us. We estimate that the type of hanger we need will cost about 35,000 EURO ($47,938), therefore please pray for this as well!

We are asking you for your help in three ways:

1. Prayer - Prayer is the foundation of any ministry. Pray for wisdom, guidance, favor with the authorities and for the needed financial resources.

2. Financially - As you can see our need is great. Would you pray about how much you should help us? Perhaps the Lord would have you give a one-time gift, or perhaps He would lead you to give a monthly gift. We are running FAITH FLIGHT PROJECT February 1st thru June 30th. Your tax-exempt gifts can be made out to our ministry partner PUTCI and ear marked FAITH FLIGHT PROJECT and sent to Partners United Thru Christ International, P O Box 57815, Oklahoma City, OK 73157-7815.

3. Sharing the Angel Wings ministry with others- Our contacts are limited so would you be willing to share this letter with your family and friends who have an interest in 3 reaching young lives for Christ. The following are places they can go to learn more about Angel Wings:

4. Our story

Video presentation of Angel Wings:
Phone: +40 722 523 777

Our prayer is that God will open the flood gates of heaven, in spite of the global recession, and will honor a ministry that is highly efficient, having a great impact on the spiritual lives of young people in Romania. Your support is highly appreciated! Please help this project fly!

A humble man of faith,

Edmond Nicola
Pastor/President of Angel Wings