We are a non profit, apolitical, non-governmental and non-denominational Christian organization. We are committed to spreading the Christian and Bible values in the romanian society through aviation and sports. Our objective is also to offer the opportunity to all who wish to practice aviation sports in an organized environment.

Our vision is to offer the youth an alternative compared to what they normally find: discos, computers, TV, bars, drugs etc. We believe that God has created us to enjoy life abundently following His principles and percepts. The dreams that we have can be achieved and there is hope even when everything might look hostile and the obstacles are too big to be overcome.

We target to organize camps every year, and through these camps to show and teach the youth the Christian moral and the Bible, using aviation and sports.

We invite you to join us and try at least once something that the humans have written deep in their souls: the flight! Surely it will be the most exciting and beautiful experience in your life!

The mailing address where you can contact us is:

Str. P. P. Negulescu Nr. 12
300263 Timisoara
Telefon: +40 722 523777
Email: edmondnicola32@yahoo.com